how to improve bot engagement with analytics for conversations

May 22nd • Wednesday

3PM (GMT-3) • 11AM (PST)

The best conversational analytics tool meets the most complete platform to build, manage and evolve chatbots. And you can't miss it: join the conversation!

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Check out what we'll be talking about:


Botanalytics features overview

Engagement analysis and retention measurement to truly improve performance.


BLiP features overview

Integration, strenght and simplicity to level up your chatbot.


Integration between Botanalytics and BLiP

How fully integrated, powerful resources can make a difference

webinar-botanal-blip-icons_best practices

Best practices to improve bot engagement with analytics for conversations

Pro tips from specialists to get the best from your chatbot

And who will be there:

Rafael Pacheco Balao

Tuba Tezer 
Head of Product Growth @ Botanalytics

Her educational background includes language education and involves a bit of linguistics.

She's a regular speaker & writer about chatbots and voice assistants.

Sérgio Passos
CTO @ Take

Co-founder and CTO at Take, responsible for Research and Development (R&D), product portfolio management and software architecture. He's graduate in Computer Science (UFMG), postgraduate in Telecommunications Engineering (UFMG) and holds a M.Sc in Business Administration with emphasis in Strategy and Marketing (PUC Minas). Highly experienced in innovation, Sérgio takes part in events and forums about technology and entrepreneurship. He is a speaker, investor and mentor of startups, and also a consultant in mobile technologies.


Rafael Pacheco Developer
BLiP Advocate @ Take

Holds a M.Sc in Mathematical and Computational Modeling and is majored in Computer Engineering (CEFET-MG). Works as technical leader, fullstack developer and BLiP (Take’s platform to build, manage and evolve chatbots) Advocate. Rafael is passionate about technology, teaching, discussing, presenting his ideas and engaging people on his beliefs.